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Jonica Multiservizi SpA Fully public in-house company, operates in the management of public services for the city of Roccella Jonica, and other public entities.

Some services provided are:

  • maintenance of the water network, sewerage, white water network and management of the inter-municipal purification system;

  • public green care:

  • maintenance of buildings and municipal facilities;

  • maintenance and sweeping of the streets, squares and sidewalks of the urban area.

  • management of Carafa Castle

  • urban hygiene

Jonica Multiservizi works for the development and enhancement of the territory to protect the environment.

The operational base of Jonica Multiservizi SpA is made up of qualified operators who are employed daily in the workplace. Operators also represent the first line of the Company both in terms of social interaction and the results of the work done, which is why the Company invests a lot about staff training.


Ing. Vincenzo Garuccio


Board of statutory auditors
Actual mayors
Dr. Furina Domenico (President)
Dr. Simone Sonia
Dr. Bucchino Teodoro


Rag. Gerace Vincenzo

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