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What should be thrown into the undifferentiated container

Place in the gray container

Diapers, sanitary napkins, gauze, cotton balls, cotton swabs, plasters, hairbrushes, plates, disposable cutlery, chemical paper (receipts), greaseproof or dirty paper, coffee capsules, non-electronic toys, filters and bags for vacuum cleaners, stickers, CD / DVD / cassettes / VHS / cases etc., buckets, chewing gums, erasers, pens and markers, fake flowers, electric wires, rubber gloves, glasses, pots or pans, razors, ceramic shards, cigarette butts, synthetic litters for animals, rags, treated or painted wood, pencil case, rimmel or lipstick and everything you have doubts about for the tub to use.


What should not be thrown into the waste bin

Confer to the municipal collection center or contact bulky waste

Differentiable waste, lit materials and everything that can be brought to the Municipal Collection Center when it will be usable: hazardous waste, bulky waste, liquid substances, waste deriving from construction and demolition, (aggregates, rubble, etc.), materials metal that can cause damage to vehicles during collection and transport.

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