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Bulky waste

Types of waste covered by the service:

  • such as bulky furniture, sofas, chairs, armchairs, mattresses, spring mattresses, tables, glass plates of medium to large, medium and large mirrors.

  • Large electrical and electronic equipment: washing machines, dishwashers, kitchen ovens, refrigerators, etc.

Bulky waste, such as furniture, appliances and electrical and electronic equipment, must be sent to the Municipal Ecological Island. To know when it is possible to confer (max 3 pieces and 3 cubic meters in the month) contact the offices of Jonica Multiservizi Tel. 0964866287.


For information or reservations from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 12.30 - 0964866287.

For domestic users, the waste disposal service at the Ecological Island is carried out exclusively by direct delivery by the user (max 3 pieces and 3 cubic meters per month). The User will take care to verify that the Ecological Island has the availability to receive the quantity of bulky items that it is intended to supply, by calling the offices of Jonica Multiservizi SpA or by consulting the Company's website

For non-domestic users, the disposal service is carried out with the specific authorization issued by Jonica Multiservizi SpA.

Users with headquarters or residence in the municipal territory or non-resident citizens can access the Ecological Island, provided they are owners of a user located within the municipal territory itself.

To access the Ecological Island, resident citizens must prove their residence through the presentation of a valid identity document; while non-resident citizens of a user located in the municipal area must request an authorization for conferral with Jonica Multiservizi Spa, valid for the current calendar year.

Users from different municipalities are not admitted to the transfer of waste , unless it is stipulated with the same special agreement and provided that the center is technically able to meet the needs of the supplementary service in question.

Non-domestic users, following a written request, will be able to confer their refusal on the Ecological Island only with prior written authorization issued by the Manager. The Management Body has the right to determine by its own provision the methods by which non-domestic users will have to participate in the expenditure of the center according to the type, the quantity of waste conferred and the period of duration of the authorization to confer.

Non-domestic users will only be able to supply the Ecological Island with the types and quantities of waste indicated in the specific authorization issued by the Managing Body.

Non-domestic users and collective events will be able to deliver the waste they produce to the Ecological Island in compliance with the provisions, requesting the Management Body to issue a specific one-off authorization which will have a minimum validity of one month from the date of issue. . The return date of the one-off authorization document will be the closing date of the service, also for the purpose of billing.

Only bulky waste having exceptional dimensions compared to the ordinary production of user waste and which cannot, with simple operations, be reduced in volume so that it can be delivered in the container provided, can be sent to the Separate Collection Center.

Mechanically pressed waste cannot be sent to the Separate Collection Center.

Unsorted waste cannot be given.


Residents of the Municipality of Roccella Jonica (domestic users) who are unable to go to the Ecological Island of viale della Libertà can request a home collection service for bulky material (such as refrigerators, washing machines, mattresses, sofas, disassembled parts of furniture, materials ferrous, etc ...)

There are two regulatory regimes regarding the contribution to the collection service:

1) for the first 3 pieces the quantified amount is € 10.00 (VAT included);

2) for each subsequent piece, up to a maximum of a further 3 pieces, the quantified amount is € 3.00 per piece (VAT included).

Payment must be made in the following ways:

  • Postal current account no. 18311894, made out to Jonica Multiservizi Spa;

  • Bank transfer, IBAN IT 03L 031 1181 520 00000000 1421, Banca UBI Carime agency of Roccella Jonica;

  • Directly at the offices of Jonica Multiservizi SpA.

for the correct "matching" of the payment with the subsequent "reservation" it is requested to indicate in the "causal" field (both in the case of bank transfer and in the case of payment by postal order) the following wording: "RETREAT OF BULKYERS - surname and name of the applicant". "Applicant" means the person (or company) resulting from the "BULKY RETREAT BOOKING FORM" to which the payment itself refers.

The payment receipt must be sent or presented, together with the request for the service to be performed, at Jonica Multiservizi Spa, Via Matteotti, 56 - Roccella Jonica (RC) or sent by email to:

Jonica Multiservizi SpA will then proceed to deliver the invoice to the applicant's address; this sending will lead to the closure of the file.

The service is provided exclusively for domestic users and the user must first declare, at the time of the request to the service concessionaire, the number and type of waste to be removed.

On the day agreed for the collection, the material must be placed by users outside, at the point closest to the road where the collection vehicle travels normally, in order to avoid any obstacle to vehicular and / or pedestrian transit, as well as any disturbance for the population.

The person performing the service and transportation reserves the right not to collect material not previously reported.

All municipal waste producers are admitted to the service. For each opening day of the Ecological Island it is possible to confer up to 1 mc () without exceeding the user. The weight must not be greater than 100 kg and cannot have the largest side larger than 2.5 m.

Higher quantities must be specifically authorized by the Manager through a written authorization and subject to verification of the availability of the Collection Center itself.


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