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Vegetable oils

Fried oil is not biodegradable and it is not organic, therefore if dispersed in water it forms a "veil" 3 to 5 centimeters thick which prevents the sun's rays from penetrating causing serious damage to the environment.

Furthermore, if the exhausted oil reaches the aquifers, it makes the same water not drinkable, also causing damage to the purifiers.

A "myth" to dispel with force is the widespread thought that frying oil can even be an excellent fertilizer for plants. Nothing could be more wrong. In this case, in addition to penetrating the aquifers, the frying oil impoverishes the soil of those microorganisms necessary for the life of the plants themselves.

What do you get out of it

Once collected, the recycled oil begins a new life.After having undergone specific treatment and recycling processes, it is possible to obtain various products such as: vegetable lubricants for agricultural machines, biodiesel and glycerine for saponification.

Felici da Matti, recovering an ancient tradition, has decided to transform it into solid and liquid soap: Line BERGOLIO Eco ³.

How to dispose of used vegetable oil

You can dispose of the exhausted vegetable oil through the monthly itinerant collection of the cooperative F elici da Matti affiliated by the municipality of Roccella Jonica, or go directly to the waste vegetable oil collector in:

MUNICIPALITY OF ROCCELLA JONICA -1 Collector - Porto M. SS. of the Graces

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