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What should be thrown into the multi-material container

Place in the blue container

All packaging indicated with the initials PE, PP, PVC, PET, PS: bottles of mineral water and soft drinks, bottles (e.g. detergents and cosmetics, liquids), plastic plates and glasses (free of food and liquid residues) , polystyrene food trays, food films, plastic packaging and bags for food, fruit and vegetable nets. Cans for drinks and food (drinks, oil, etc.) food storage boxes (peeled boxes, peas, tuna, etc.), metal boxes and trays, animal food cans, caps and closures for jars and bottles, tubes of toothpaste.


What should not be thrown into the container of the multi-material

Place in the undifferentiated container

Anything other than plastic, aluminum or steel packaging; disposable cutlery, toys, CD / DVD / cassettes / VHS and relative cases, bags / rucksacks / suitcases, rigid plastic materials (home and home accessories, etc.). Large waste (bin over 51t). Jars / cans that have contained dangerous chemicals (paints, solvents, motor oils, gasoline, etc.).

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